what you can do in San Vicente?

1. you can chill out at our 14 km LONG WHITE BEACH just 10 min walk and 2 min by motorbike


3.you can go to an ISLAND HOPPING TOUS at our many islands here, we start at coconut beach, here you get fresh coconut from tree,  after we show you palawan camping, the german island here we make BBQ and you can snorkeling, then reef at sea for snorkeling

4.you can book a boat to go to port barton just 45 min from us, or you stopp on the way and see the waterfall at bagio

5. it takes just 10 min by boat to get to tandan point the beginning of our long beach, giving access to 2 coconut tree lined beaches, and we leaf you here for 4-5 hours you can do you own BBQ there

6. we have also day tripp to buayan island and you will have BBQ on exquisite beaches

7.also we have an new tripp to coconut beach by motorbike,tricycle or car, where you spend the whole day there on a absolute privat beach with buttler service BBQ, and coffee

8. rent a motorbike and drive direct at the beach, the whole long beach (if low tide)

or bicycle- TIPP; buy fresh fish at the market and make BBQ at your faforite place at long beach

9. you can go with guide or alone to a jungle trip to itabiak, on the way visit some smal waterfalls at little bagio, returning via allimanguan and the long beach to san vicente

10. go day tripp to el nido by van or motorbike

11. near arround the corner is a smal realy philippino fisherman village, panindigan  with many tryfish on the beach, here you can see beautiful sunset

12. we have here a fantastic bamboo jungle dentist, she can fixed and clean your teeth for smal money

13. if you have intersting to buy land here, contact the front desk we have proffesionell property company here 

14. and if there anythink else you like to do, pls give me or our front desk info, we will do always our maximum

15. do you want to have more FUN?? HERE AT GOES! try our still standing after 10

shooter competition and win a T-shirt , get your name at our WALL OF FAME, and do 1point for your country

16. near our hotel end of panindigan if low tide have a very good snorkeling point walking distance just 30 min

17. we can arrange for you a daytripp to the monkey beach, beautifull quiet lonely beach cristall clear whater nice big corall riff suround, and sure contact with a coloney of monkeys

18. near our hotel we have nice snorkeling point where u can go by low tide equickment u can rent at hotel for low price






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