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you can go from puerto princesa airport by trycyle to the terminal san jose cost just 100 peso per tricycle here best is you go to the vans direct to san vicente start at morning 5am nearly ever hour until 5pm, direct to our hotel- if you like to go 5am 1pm or 5pm you can contact direct the company 0995775008 virus van, or EBNO transport 09183625980  if you like privat van from airport to our hotel cost 4500peso only contact same van company or contact us we booked for you!;)) DONT GO TO PORT BARTON IS WRONG !!! the van company will try to shit you. from port barton you need a boat to san vicente cost 1500ps. WE ARE IN SAN VICENTE POBLACION

NEW!! now we have a new service pic up with a new ECO car service from puerto princesa airport , direct to the Hotel cost just 3500ps need max 3hours only max 2person!!

NEW!!! self drive rent a car for up 2000 ps per day min. 3 daus -pic up at airport and return at airport!!! difference modells,wigo, pic up until van

pls contact me by email only

also transfer to el nido direct from our hotel start 9am cost just 700 ps each person need 2.5 hours only

or privat vans to el nido same companys upper cost 6500ps need 2 hours

from roxas go to the terminal and ask for buses or van direct to san vicente nearly every hour from 9am-7pm

from el nido we have in higth season direct van at terminal elnido start 1 pm

low season go with any van or bus from terminal elnido best time  8-10am - to the corner itabiak thats between taytay and roxas here you need to go out and wait for the next van or bus to san vicente, all buses or van delivery direct to our hotel, fare from el nido to itabiak arround 250 peso  from itabiak to san vicente arround 100-150 peso each pax

if you need more info pls contact me by text 09399261388

now is also easy and cheap to hire a car in puerto start 2500ps per day pls check at internet, If I have a good company I will give the telefon no here



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Peace and Love Resort
way to Panindigan

San Vicente, Poblacion  Palawan  philippines 05309


steve +63 9399 261388+63 9399 261388

sarah +639088135401

joy     +639202230666


E-mail: peaceandlovesv@gmail.com

     info@peaceandloveresortpal.com  booking@peaceandloveresortpal


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